After suffering for almost a year with hot dry pain in my throat made worse when tired, acid reflux threatening to erode my vocal chords and allergic rhinitis, I found Anna from googling “vocal/ acupuncture”.  Aswell as finding her an incredibly warm, wise and empathetic person Anna is a singer herself so I felt she really understood things from my perspective. ie. my voice is my life, the way I
I didn’t want to be on antacids and steroids upsetting the natural balance of my body further and Anna, as well as providing relief from symptoms, has addressed, and helped me to address the root causes of my problems. I feel that over the last year she has brought me back to life. From my chronic tiredness to irregular periods and the odd sports injury I feel I am on the road to being a better version of myself. Plus she has the filthiest giggle ever!’ 

 Sarah, London

‘I have been having regular acupuncture for the last 8 years and have been seeing Anna for the last 2 1/2 years. As I work in the film industry my job can be very stressful, intense and my work hours are very long. When I first started seeing Anna I was working on a film that meant I didn’t get home until quite late at night so Anna was able to be really adaptable with appointments and would visit me at home, even if it was late. I see Anna once a week and I always look forward to my appointment, I see it as mental as well as physical therapy I feel as though I can be completely open and honest with Anna about what’s going on in my life, she listens to me and offers advice. She has helped me get through what has been a very stressful year. Since seeing Anna I don’t think I’ve had one cold, I haven’t needed to visit a doctor and for the first time in my life I’ve had regular periods!‘

Gabby, West London

‘After putting up with voice issues for a while I decided to get some acupuncture treatment with Anna Bernard at the voice clinic. Anna truly knows her stuff! The treatment has really helped enormously. Anna makes you feel at ease and works through the problems you are dealing with in a very positive way. You see and feel results quite quickly, which is amazing! When you are busy working singer and educator– You need your voice to work! Thanks Anna, I will definitely be checking in often!’

Anita Wardell Ð Jazz singer & Educator.

When I began acupuncture with Anna Bernard two years ago I was suffering severely from very regular migraines: 2–3 days a week. I still suffer from them but their frequency has quartered. Anna’s approach is more holistic: working on blockages, energy levels, etc. Just as importantly has been the time spent talking through the possible source of the problem. This has been invaluable and something one could never expect from a medical practitioner. The aim, in other words, has been to go to the root of the problem. For me, this has had fantastic results.

Bernice, South East London

Anna treated me after pregnancy losses and ensuing fertility problems. I do not believe I would have my little boy if I had not been treated by Anna. She is a master with the needles, has a depth of understanding that few possess not only with acupuncture but with her understanding of the pain and loss that accompanies fertility issues . She is warm and wise – a truly special find.

Jayne London

‘I originally came to Anna in the middle of a dark depression – I was on Prozac and knew I wanted to get off them as soon as possible but was really nervous. With treatment, I got stronger and was able to come off the drugs in 3 months. 3 months later I moved out of London and started a whole new life. Anna was kind and compassionate and I can’t thank her enough for her invaluable help in a really dark time in my life’

Lucy, Birmingham