Welcome to my website.. My name is Anna Bernard and I practice acupuncture in Kilburn, Northwest London. For over 10 years I have been treating a wide range of conditions using acupuncture, giving caring, supportive and effective treatments. I always create a treatment plan unique to you and your needs.

Acupuncture is a centuries-old system of medicine that aims to treat the individual in a holistic way, integrating the body, mind and spirit in its approach. I have extensive experience in the field of fertility acupuncture having worked alongside the renowned Zita West. I’ve also completed post-graduate studies in New York

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At my clinic my aim is to give back what the world takes out.

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British Acupuncture Council

Anna’s treatments are incredible; they gave me the physical and mental strength to cope with miscarriage and also enjoy two successful pregnancies. But it is not only the acupuncture that makes a session with Anna so wonderful, it is her gentle art of listening, understanding and responding to her patients with such sensitivity that makes her so exceptional.

Roz, North London